The sun has just set and fiery red sky is reflected in the lake, I m casually strolling in the woods on the hills, it overlooks a cemetery which is a few hundred meters down the hill. I have left my shoes in car; the gravel feels warm and soothing.

I see a young woman and a kid in the cemetery, she is crying and her kid is hugging a grave mark, presumably a recent widow. I felt sorry for them.

An orange moon has started its ascent, two man just returned from the lake in a small fishing boat, they are slowly attaching there boat to the trailer of the truck, it appears they had a good time and seem drunk.

The woman and kid are still near the grave, hugging each other. The two man start walking towards her, their intentions are clear. I should do something.

I start to run towards them, I felt excruciating pain in my body as small rocks and dry branches punctured my feet, still I kept running and tripped on something, came down the hill rolling, I felt a burst of energy.

As I stood up, both of the man started shooting at me, I ducked and slowly moved on all four towards them, when I came near them, they ran away.

I was satisfied since I have foiled a trap; I quickly turned around and ran towards the woman and her kid, the women shrieked; now I can enjoy my dinner in a full moon night.


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