A Cup of Tea…

‘Thousands of people are protesting outside my office and millions more in the entire country, with only one demand…’

A few years ago, I visited an Asian country; one characteristic, which particularly caught my attention was the absence of lifestyle diseases like obesity, I discussed it with one of my friends, he said, ‘it’s a secret variety of green tea’. I decided, our country needs the tea.

A friend’s company introduced that secret variety of green tea, to our country, as the people experienced its weight loss related benefits & subsidized prices, sales picked up.

As more and more people started using the tea, they reported gradual weight loss, better time management and improved quality of life.

With passage of time, the tea had profound influence on thinking of people, their views about personal freedom, governance and economy, started to change.

People have started to reevaluate capitalism and openly advocate the merits of social welfare and communism.

Scientists from renowned institutes have find out that, some chemicals in the green tea, induced an irreversible mutation in the frontal lobe of the brain, scientists fear worse outcomes.

A few days ago, millions of people had started to protest against the government, including the members of armed forces, government employees and the common people; today I have called a joint session of houses to discuss their demand. Only a few elected people are alive.

The houses have approved the demand of protestors. History will remember me as the last president, of this great country.

Now, our country will be a part of a communist Asian country.


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