The last time I stepped out of my apartment was two weeks ago, there is an eerie silence, sometimes punctuated by gunshots or a loud thud when someone crashes on a car roof, thousands of people are committing suicide everyday…

Three months back, I got a job after my PhD in biotech dept. of a liquor giant, It involved working on a brewer`s yeast, discovered in an expedition to ancient ruins of Mayan civilization. According to some legend the liquor was only suitable for gods.

When our first batch of liquor came out, computer test gave it a green signal, for further testing we hired a guy to drink 2 liters of our liquor daily, while we ran some test on him in the lab, one night I heard him murmuring in a inhumanly voice while making strange signs on the walls, finally we paid off the guy.

When introduced in the global market, the brand became popular overnight. We organized a party to celebrate.

On the party night this guy broke in and begged for help, his entire body was covered in strange glowing symbols and his chanting in a deep voice filled the room, then the guy collapsed.

Higher ups ordered a quick cover up; while his body was moved I looked up the internet, deciphering the symbols it said-

“Anyone drinking the nectar of gods becomes visible to the god of underworld unless the soul is pure, the gods will mark the soul to make it a part of their army against heavens”

Our boss sent us on leave.

I called the president of company, he said ‘we want more’


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