Deserted Town…

I live in a deserted town with my family & our dog; my mother works in a nearby city and commutes daily, while I work from home.

Few months back, around 1000 people lived here, kids played on the street, people had jobs and the farmers market provided us with fresh produce, I had many friends and we used to have fun.

One of my friends had interest in urban exploring, once I accompanied him to a deserted railway yard in night, and unfortunately, had a small accident; I was rushed to a city hospital.

When I returned a month later, the town was deserted. When I reached home, my dog was so happy, tears flowed from his eyes but whenever I talked to my mom she remained silent.

In evening, I decided to take a walk and called my dog, my mom shouted on him and he went back, I escaped quietly.

I started walking, as cool breeze blew through my hair I felt good, I saw a few people on the street, they looked at me then looked away, urban explorers I guessed.

I decided to explore a building myself; I went to the top to enjoy the sun set, I looked on the street, a little girl entered the building and slowly made her way to the top, she came running to me and said hello, I smiled and replied with a hello.

I asked the girl ‘what she is doing all alone and where is everybody’.

The girl said ‘nothing changed here, but now only I can see you because my grandpa says I am gifted with this power’


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