We have one kid, a daughter, she is doing good in school but an average in English, we can`t blame her, English is our second language, Every night at dinner table while we listened about her football practice we encouraged her to pay more attention on English, since its essential for scholarships in foreign countries.

One day she returned home from school and cheerfully told us that she has started practicing her English with a friend in lunch time, but none of my friends like her as she is not good looking but knows English very well and she will meet me daily in one of the unused classrooms.

A few days have passed, my daughter is happy with her English but nowadays she gets tired easily, dark circles appeared beneath her eyes, unusual for a kid, alarmed I fixed an appointment with the GP, he ran some test and told us that she has anemia and we better look after her diet. I felt guilty.

Today, a strange odor caught my attention maybe she spilled some food in her bag, I sniffed her books, the culprit is her English activity book, the teacher has marked my daughter`s mistakes in circles, I showed it to my daughter, her face paled she said ‘my friend did that, she told me that I will make less mistakes if she will mark my mistakes in my own blood’, horrified I quickly assured my daughter its red ink.

I wrote a note for appointment with her English teacher when suddenly I felt a pinch and a circle appeared on the note with fresh blood.


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