Recently, my friend informed me that, he has proposed a girl and she wants to test his commitment.

The test involves going inside a cave, popularly known as the shapeshifter’s cave and writing her name on a boulder with paint.

My friend has armed himself with necessary items and some bats escape as he enters the cave.

It’s being twenty minutes since. Suddenly he comes out running, he is bleeding and his helmet is broken.

“I did it, here is the pic, now let’s get out of here”

Few days later, my friend’s gal reported that his behavior has completely changed. I was alarmed.

I asked my friend if everything was OK, he was restless, I said smiling “better tell me what’s wrong or I will kill you with a silver bullet”.

Finally, my friend opened up. “When I went inside, someone started to follow me in my shadow, when I was writing her name, someone hit me in my head, but helmet saved me”. I ordered a drink to calm his nerves.

My friend continued, “When I saw him, it was ‘me’, like I was standing in front of a mirror and then he attacked me, thankfully I found an old shovel and killed him.

Now, I can’t sleep at nights, I think I am going to jail for murder, i don’t want to ruin the gal’s life therefore I am leaving tonight and will never come back”

As my friend’s flight took off, I transformed into him.


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