My Love…

I can never forget the day we first met, she was on a camping trip to the Grand Canyon, exploring the area and I was studying a cave there, I felt a burning sensation and turned around, there she was standing behind me with a friend, looking around.

When I looked at her, I made a decision that she will be my girl for life, she left and I followed her to the city to improve my chances.

I needed help and today I saw her with a common friend, finally a ray of hope.

Our common friend has helped me; I remember how she had surprised me, therefore I have decided to hide in her closet, our friend is sitting on her bed, she is taking a bath.

After her bath, our common friend plays a song, she switches it off and starts reading something.

I slowly scratch the closet door, but she didn’t pay attention, I scratch some more and then knock softly.

She is looking around, I scratch once again, she slowly opens the closet door and starts to scream then runs towards the bathroom to get her rosary and I have already locked the doors.

I have my girl and her soul forever.


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