No Home…

Its Friday evening & was done with work in the city, my flight leaves tomorrow night, I came back to my hotel, changed into something comfortable, decided to explore the night life, got down in the lobby & inquired about some bar, called a cab, when I paid the Asian cabby he looked at me for a second & said “no home”, I said keep the change and went inside.

I slowly walked to the bartender and ordered a beer and looked around people enjoying the music, I saw a lady looking at me, she appeared Japanese, I introduced myself, tried my best to be funny, she was giggling, Luck was on my side, off we went to her place, a minimalist studio apartment, few paintings, a wardrobe and two windows viewing a tree, we had some fun & slept off.

I woke up to a thunderstorm, my heart racing, glanced at my watch its 2:45 AM, checked the girl she was cold as ice I cover her with sheet and looked around the room, its eerie, though no one outside windows prying to get in or face on the ceiling looking at me with some other worldly interest, then I looked at the wardrobe strange shapes were forming on it I quickly understood it’s shadow of the tree in streetlight, I dared myself to look inside, I opened its doors slowly, it was empty then I saw a piece of paper, took it to the window, in neat girly handwriting someone has written 100 times ‘I will not sleep with a human again’ I looked out of the window there was no tree.


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