“Dear, the drinks taste funny tonight” “I know maybe there is something wrong with the water…”

I live in the suburbs, but what makes me different then most of the people, well ‘I totally love spiders’, I think god made all the creatures with a purpose & the purpose of spiders is to keep the population of flying insects under control, without them, you would be dancing in your home with a swatter in both of your hands.

I am very much impressed by them; I had decided that my life will be dedicated to completely vanquish the fear of spiders.

I had tried various tactics to introduce my friends to spiders; my friends like leggy beauties and spiders have eight legs, therefore I thought it will be loved eight times more, so I helped a big, eight legged beauty, on lap of my friend and then the way he reacted, is stuff nightmares are made of.

Unfazed, I have consulted with a friend of mine, he explained that spiders arouse anxiety, which leads to such reactions; he has suggested me a drug, when ingested makes the person lethargic.

All the people of the suburb have gathered for a party tonight and I am waiting with all of my like-minded friends outside, we will enter, when the effect of the drug sets in.

I am sure; tonight when we meet them, they will ‘see eye to eye’ with all of my eight jet black eyes.


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