One year ago, I was sleeping in dark, no one disturbed me and I was comfortable, then she found me. I felt a jolt and became a part of her world, we were so happy.

As time passed, her enthusiasm towards me, started to fade. I thought it happens in all relationships, so I ignored it.

Recently, her behavior has completely changed; she even left me alone at inappropriate places like shop counters, malls, and restrooms, like I was a piece of plastic with no feelings.

Her birthday is approaching and I have heard today, that I am slow and outdated. I needed to be replaced or tossed into a drawer.

Time has come to teach her a lesson.

I need an accomplice and I have found her in my home itself, she is huge and lives in the garage. We share similar feelings towards the girl.

The girl has planned a trip prior to her birthday; I and my partner in crime will accompany her.

The girl is driving, I signal my huge accomplice, and she is ready.

As the girl holds me near, I distract her for a few seconds. My accomplice loses her grip around her and jams her wheels, the girl fly into a boulder.

A red colored liquid is seeping inside my circuits and my consciousness is fading.